Monday, October 24, 2011

Haunted Halloween - Cadaverous Costumes

Halloween is coming and to celebrate I've got a whole week of creepy costumes, daring DIY projects, and eerie edibles.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and although I've grown too old to trick or treat I haven't given up on dressing the part. I think the best costumes are handmade - whether sewn from scratch, created out of glue, paint, and cardboard, or pieced together at the thrift store; there is something about a homemade costume that an outfit in a bag just can't capture. 

If you've followed along for a while you might have red this little post where I made up a bucket listed and expressed my deepest darkest desire to win a costume contest. Call it a competitive streak, stubbornness, or an inability to admit defeat, but a lot goes into picking my costume each year. Sometimes I get an idea earlier in the year, write it down, and completely forget by the time October rolls around. 

This year I turned to Pinterest for some ideas - you can check out my Halloween pin board here. So, if you haven't found a costume yet, or aren't completely sold on your current idea, maybe these can help...

Subtly Scary - Less commitment but still count for costume mandatory parties

Unnervingly Unique - When you don't want to be the 10th witch at the office

via A Million Things I Love

Dedicated Dresser - It takes a lot of work to blow everyone away

Corpse Bride via We Heart It

Comic Book Character via Go Retro!

If you don't have a costume yet it isn't too late! And if you dress up this year, pass along a picture!


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