Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Haunted Halloween - Petrifying Pumpkins

Jack-O'-Lantern's are fundamental to any Halloween stoop, lighting the way for trick-or-treaters everywhere. I honestly don't think you are ever too old to carve up a pumpkin - and the best part? Baking up the seeds afterwards!

Jack-O'-Lantern traditionalists will say that carved pumpkins are the only way to go. No fancy paints, patterns, or carving tools, just a kitchen knife and a roughly sketched face of triangle eyes and jagged teeth. However, for the more liberal pumpkin producers out there, sequins, lace, paint, and decals are all the rage right now. 

Glossy Gourds:

Stenciled Masterpiece via Pinterest

Chalkboard Painted via Pinterest

Melted Crayon Coated by The Swede Records

Chevron Pattern via azcentral

Love the Argyle! via Pinterest

Sculpted Squash:

Super Scary via Pinterest

Pumpkin Swiss Cheese? via Pinterest

Two for One via Skull-a-Day

Out of this World via Pinterest

Lovely Lace via Pinterest

Carved or painted, sequined or glitterized, funny, sad, or scary, a pumpkin perched at the door is the only way to great prospective trick-or-treaters. So, if you are expecting some little ones, hopped up on sugar, at your door go ahead and prepare a pumpkin before their arrival.

This year I really want to try making a vampire Jack-O'-Lantern! 

via Pinterest
Planning on decorating a pumpkin or two this season? I'd love to see - pass along a picture!


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