Thursday, November 17, 2011


Love this Chalkboard Display via Pinterest

I believe that if you are going to collect something then collect it. Go for it and don't be shy. However, collections can walk a fine line between cool and weird/tacky/overdone. If you want your collection to look more modern than cluttered here are a few loose rules to help.

Collect with purpose. It's really easy to collect by purchasing every single item you stumble upon - ever. Although for some rare items this may work, in most situations you will end up with too much stuff and nothing really interesting. Instead, try and be selective and add only items that are special, unique, or have meaning.

Keep an open mind and collect what you love. So what if you haven't seen anyone else collect chewing gum? (and we all know there isn't any money in it) I believe in surrounding yourself with what you love - not what is popular or worth a lot of money.

When it comes to displaying collections I prefer them grouped together compared to spread out throughout the home. Almost anything can look cool and modern when grouped purposefully - I've seen it with Nutcrackers and those things scare me. However, when a collection is scattered all over the place people mistake the collection for clutter and think you have a weird fetish for Nutcrackers which is never good.

If you're looking for inspiration the internet is a wondrous place...

Glass Bottles - why not collect one main colour or opt for tiny antique medicine bottles?

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Old school globes naturally lend themselves to a perch on-top of white cabinetry. 

via Pinterest

When not in use, this vintage milk glass collection acts as art in a monochromatic kitchen. I don't know if I love this so much because of my soft spot for milk glass or chandeliers...

via Pinterest

The colours in these teapots work well with the rustic display. I really like that this is in the living room instead of the kitchen.

via Pinterest

Do you collect anything? 


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