Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday DIY - Yarn Wrapped Wreath

I thought I would follow up yesterday's post full of inspiring wreaths with a DIY project of my own.

When I saw this argyle yarn wrapped wreath online a month or so ago I just knew I HAD to make my own... 

via Kaboodle

I started with a foam wreath form but it wasn't as big as I wanted so I fattened it up, so to say, with some batting. I cut 3 inch wide strips of batting and wrapped them around the form - no glue needed!

Once I had a good base, it was time to wrap my yarn. I knotted it around the form so it stayed in place (again no glue!). 

After wrapping in a diagonal pattern, crisscrossing to secure the base, I wrapped in a linear pattern, keeping the yarn tight so the white base wasn't visible and tied the end off in a knot (avoiding the glue gun as much as possible). Overall it took one and a half packages of yarn. 

At this point, there are unlimited possibilities to finish the wreath. I'm an argyle fanatic so it was an easy decision but some adorable felt flowers would look great too.

Some inspiration...

via Etsy
via Etsy

To make the argyle pattern I cut diamonds from some lovely mustard yellow felt. I chose to use a single colour but you could opt for multicolored shapes as well.

To attach the diamonds I had to pull out the glue gun. A few burns latter I'd secured the diamonds and wrapped yarn in a contrasting colour to crisscross them.

And voila, argyle wreath complete! Since it's made of foam, batting, yarn, and felt the wreath needs to stay inside, although you may be able to spray it with something so it's suitable for the front door. Mine has a new home over my dining table (I've moved a piece of art for the Holidays).


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