Monday, January 2, 2012

Rough Guide to 2012

Twenty-Five is a milestone - or so I've been told - I've never been there before.

In 2012, I'm stepping into uncharted territory by turning 25, and facing the cold hard truth that I'm not a kid anymore. At a quarter of a century you're as much a grown-up as you'll ever be, with adult responsibilities and stress; it's not as fun as i thought it would be when I was younger.

But I'm stubborn and I don't really feel like growing up, at least not yet. 

So.... This year I'll be making my annual New Year's resolutions, but instead of the same ones I resort to each year (eat healthier, go to the gym regularly, be nicer...) I want to step out of my comfort zone and make 2012 milestone worthy.

Not that those other resolutions aren't valid...

A few friends have taken to calling me vanilla from time to time; like the ice-cream, boring, safe, and predictable. Although I tell myself vanilla is also classic, I'm going to try and add a touch of Rocky Road to 2012 with what I'm calling A Year of Irresponsibility.

There's bound to be a little cross-over with my bucket list as well - finger's crossed I can scratch off a few more things!

1. Throw myself an amazing 25th Birthday Party

I solemnly swear that I will try my hardest not to throw a "Super Sweet Sixteen" abomination. However I cannot guarantee that my inner woo-girl will not come out (à la How I Met Your Mother). To count as a success dancing, great music, and tons of friends are a must!

March 9, 2012 Update: Birthday was a success! A lovely romantic dinner with my boyfriend, a couple weeks later dinner, drinks, rock trivia and dancing - all in a lovely royal blue tunic and heels.

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2. Rock a Killer Short Hairstyle

The last time I had short hair my mother took me out on our deck, chopped my long straight hair off at the shoulder and gave me a perm. I was in grade 6 and my head looked like a giant triangle - Now tell me you wouldn't be damaged for life. However I think 25 is as good a time as any to overcome my fear of looking ridiculous in short hair.

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3. Get a Massage

I really don't have an excuse, I have a comprehensive medical plan from work that covers massages and yet I've never had one. Honestly I'm rather shy, but it's time to bite the bullet, get a little bit naked, and let someone touch my back...

March 10, 2012 Update: Massage, facial, and pedicure all wrapped into a three hour relax-athon at the spa - amazing!

4. Put Some Back Into It

I've wanted to backpack for as long as I can remember. Europe, South East Asia, Africa, South America... It's easier to look at where I don't want to go than try and count all the places on my must-see list. I'd love to get my toes wet in 2012 with a trip anywhere.

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5. Flaunt my Crafty Hippie Side

Every Saturday through the summer, our local farmer's market features crafty folk selling their wares in the park. I want to be just like them although I struggle putting something I made out there to be scrutinized. Perhaps 2012 is the year.

6. Work It Out
I'm still trying to figure out what I want out of life, or at least limit it to a few of the million things I dream of. I've been tossing around a few thoughts on writing or publishing a photo-book and I'd like to look more seriously at this over the year.

I'm sure 2012 will have some surprises in store for me and I'm hoping you will stick around to see how everything comes out...


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  1. Dear Calli. I love all of these resolutions! Keep me updated. xo