Monday, January 9, 2012

Travelling Art DIY Revisited

If you're a return reader you may have seen a little tutorial I did in early November - taking travel patches and turning them into simple, modern, colourful art. 

all the gory details from the first time around
This project had special meaning for me, the patches I used were collected by my late grandfather, so when it turned out better than I could ever imagine AND I had leftover patches I decided to share the love and make a smaller version for my brother. 

Naturally, I took care of numero uno first and then DIYed a Christmas gift for my brother.

I went with a basic white frame, mat, and background to show off the colours in the patches - then I simply glued them onto the backing (cardstock) with a dot of hot glue.

I wrote something sweet and sappy on the back and that's it. So easy! 

When we were cleaning out my grandfather's house it was a nice surprise when photos or paintings had an inscription on the back - it was amazing to see paintings my parents had gifted to my grandparents before I was born.

Overall I think my brother likes his gift; I love adding a personal touch to gift giving!


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  1. Love the Texas patch. Homemade and heartmade gifts are the best.