Friday, February 3, 2012

A Bit of Brilliance - Anthro Inspired Room

I spent last weekend in Calgary visiting a lovely friend and, in between dinners and dancing and a dozen cream puffs, we were able to sneak over to the mall and visit Anthropologie. 

If I'm ever lucky enough to have my very own store I'd like to think it would look at lot like Anthro - just with more housewares and less clothes. I love to wander the store and take in all the pretty little things, I don't even have to buy anything!

Suffering from a bit of withdrawal since returning home, I perused the website last night and drooled a bit over some of the bedroom furniture. If I was independently wealthy I'd outfit my entire place...

1. Cockatoo Duvet; 2. Lollia Eau De Parfume, Wish; 3. Bowled Over Lamp Base; 4. Crawford Queen Bed; 5. Owl Doorstop.

By the way, after sampling this perfume on the weekend, my friend and I couldn't stop smelling my scarf. We decided it smells like warm cozy baking on a tropical island, so amazing in fact we are going to gift it to each other for our birthdays this February!


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