Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Blues

Family and friends back in Canada celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend - well I guess the whole country actually celebrated, but they weren't mocking me via facebook with delicious pictures of turkey and pie. It's ok though because I had a wonderfully cheap ham and cheese bunwich* here in Lisbon, and I didn't have to deal with pangs of regret that always accompany the return to work after a long weekend. 

However now pumpkin pie cravings have set in - along with daydreams of crisp fall days, snuggling under a blanket, and the eventual stress of deciding on and making a Halloween costume at the last minute. My mind is all confused, it's October and thirty degrees outside, what's going on? I feel the need to bake up a pie, grab a warm cup of tea, and dig in until everything in the world is right again (eating pie solves everything am I right?). Although I can't really make a pie right now, all of you can indulge in an extra piece for me and also enjoy a bit of fall inspiration...

The perfect fall picnic via

Love the orange and blue together via

Almost too pretty to eat via

Happy Thanksgiving!

*It's a sandwich made with a bun instead of two pieces of bread, obviously. I shouldn't have to explain but my boyfriend claims it isn't a real word and I'm crazy.

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