Friday, September 30, 2011

Boxed Up

I have confessed my love of chairs, mid-century furniture, and Harry Potter but I should also add jewellery to the list. I am a sucker for sparkles so when I attended a Lia Sophia jewellery party a few weeks ago I couldn't help myself and just had to order a few pieces.

Well my jewellery came in last week and, after trying each piece on a bajillion times and finding a safe home for them all in my jewellery storage bench, I turned my attention to the boxes each piece was carefully wrapped in (like a kid at Christmas).

One hour and an episode of Fringe later (add Joshua Jackson to my lengthy list of addictions...) I had successfully covered the boring blue and white boxes with scrapbook paper and paper punch butterflies!

There isn't really a rhyme or reason to how I covered them so don't hold your breath for step by step instructions. All I used was some left over scrapbook paper, mod-podge, a paintbrush to apply the mod-podge, scissors, and a butterfly punch.

And guess what? It gets better! I happened to host a Lia Sophia party too and took advantage of the amazing hostess discounts they offer so I have more jewellery (and boxes!) en route!

I wonder what else I can create with scrapbook paper...


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