Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reveal - Thrifted Side Table

I'm really excited today to show off a little project I wrapped up a few weeks ago -With all the excitement of Halloween I hadn't had time to share until now!

I found a little side table at a thrift store back in March and it rode around in the back of my car for a month. After that it moved into my garage and then made it's way upstairs into my kitchen area. Finally, six months after I originally rescued it from a dismal life at the thrift store, my little side table has a fresh coat of shiny paint and a sunny spot to sit in my house.

I'm thinking that this side table came from a boys bedroom as it had some skateboarding stickers on it. After peeling them off (with lots of water and a knife) I gave the whole thing a light sanding starting with a rough grit and moving to a very fine grit. Then I wiped everything down, gave it a coat of primer, and chose my paint. 

I decided to go with bright turquoise (the same colour as my master bathroom) since I already had the paint on hand and love it on my walls. It's bright and cheerful and covered the bare wood in two coats - marvelous!

Because it was interior wall paint I had to brush it on, compared to spray paint which I would commonly use for this kind of job. Although I didn't have to worry about spray paint drips, I did have to keep an eye out for any brush strokes or streaks. 

I ended up painting the handles white but I've been eying some glass knobs and might need to upgrade in the future. Until then, this little beauty is sitting pretty in my kitchen and doing a good job holding my lave lamp*

*Yea you read that right - I own a lava lamp (or two)!



  1. Love the side tabe bu i agree it definately needs new handles - something shiny or crystal. Love, Mom

  2. What a great table! ~ Barbara @ http://amotherandadaughter.blogspot.com/